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What About Bob?

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bob was born and raised in Colorado, built from Rocky Mountain stone, and nursed on crystal clear mountain spring water. Ok, so, he grew up in a suburb of Denver, but immediate access to the great outdoors taught him the importance of play and exploration. Bob's been in voice-over since he could talk, voicing radio commercials, comedy sketches, conferences, cultural events, plays, animation, and toys. Possessed by a puckish spirit, he delivers performances that live in the sweet spot between wise and wise-ass.


After graduating with degrees in theatre, Japanese language, and international studies, Bob spent over a decade working in healthcare IT. He managed projects and designed training materials to teach physicians and other clinical staff how to tell a patient’s story using medical record software. During that time, Bob wrote, recorded, and edited e-learnings that clinicians praised for their quality and clarity.

Bob trained extensively at Voice One in San Francisco for work in commercials, animation, and interactive media. He's also been training in martial arts since 2009, and he once cut a watermelon in half with a samurai sword. He speaks Japanese and French and has a musician’s ear for language, so accents (real-world or imagined) come easily. 

With a rich, warm delivery, Bob brings a cosmopolitan enthusiasm, authority, and sense of adventure to any project.

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